Adel Mostafa

He was born in Port Said on 10 October 1944

About Us
  • He completed the primary and preparatory school in Port Said, then obtained his high school diploma from Suez Secondary School
  • He joined the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, and obtained a Bachelor of Science (Pure Sports / Astronomy) with a grade of very good in 1966.
  • He obtained a master's degree in astronomy in 1983
Practical experience

He completed his military studies at the Military Technical College (September 1966 - May 1967)



Worked as a teacher of astronautics at the Naval College 1967-1988

Participated in the practical training for students of the Naval College on naval ships 1968 - 1988



Commander of the Navigation Wing at the Naval College, rank of Commodore, 1988-1991

Plans of training trips for students of the Naval College 1988 - 1991



Member of the Faculty of Maritime Transport and Technology 1991-1999

Worked as Head of the Department of Maritime Navigation / College of Maritime Transport and Technology 1999 - 2003



Worked as Assistant Dean of the College of Maritime Transport and Technology for Education and Scientific Research Affairs 2004-2007

After he was retired in 2007; He is currently teaching astronomical navigation at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in the Department of Navigation Technology and the Institute of Qualifying Studies



Participate in the development of navigation curricula at the Naval College with the American

Oversaw the construction of the planetarium at the Naval College on the Japanese side


  • The Concept of Celestial navigation
  • General Navigation
  • Celestial Navigation - Practical Applications
  • Tables of prayer times and Qibla direction for navigators